Two Poems: “Again, I am Reminded” & Hripsimé

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“Again, I am Reminded” (After Charentz)
For “Archie” (Khatchik Minasian, Ashough)

Again, I am reminded

There are to date (it is said) more than a billion
or so odd words in the Oxford English Dictionary
And I still find myself tongue-tied
trying to find the right words — le mot juste Et Cie.
I rarely have the chance to serve myself

Breakfast     tea

More often than not     As I race for pen and paper
My Daughter returning home from work

To find the trash still not taken out
or still some dishes left in the sink
from the morning (telegraphy between
the brain and     fingers some operatic solos
of synapses)

– — Aha! now the words have called me finally
to the fore! (admit myself
a     bit     bedraggled)
just glimpse the passing leg of Clifford The Big Red Dog

– Moving across the t.v. screen
As I now await
my Voice
To call across the ages

O News Anchors ! you announce
in your pseudo-Genesis sanctimonious tones
The name of Africa (with its “recurring
disasters “)

– Why not the name of
Armenia spoken with the preciosity of a flower
or blush on a girl’s cheek?

(Surveillance Video:
A street in Istanbul
A screwball kid gleefully remonstrates
a gun in one hand a Turkish flag
in the other
As two policemen smile standing nearby)

Brother *Hrant     now you may walk outside the door
of your house and behold
the new day


*Hrant Dink, Armenian author and journalist, upholder of Armenian identity and human rights, citizen of Turkey; assassinated, Istanbul, January 19, 2007.

* * *

HRIPSIMÉ (An Ashough Song)

HRIPSIMÉ! HRIPSIMÉ! How did it happen to get there
Your name like a lost comet appearing suddenly
to my night sky     “30,000 Armenians in Bulgaria”
My pen          lost again
during the night     But retrieved
again this morning     amidst the covers of my bed
a whole epic
continues to resound there in your name

Leakey who found “LUCY” (Originatoress ) there in the Lake
Of Ouadulavay     Gorge     The First Woman
of l’ Homme Shebah’s Journey
As for me here
I am a branch singing Adam’s rib
The Cloud
of Unknowing produced The Bard
Of Avon     I continue searching peregrine
for the “Lost Newark Airport Murals” of Arshile (Gorky)

Sayat Nova’s somersaults in Gallimard‘s pages

Supernumerary resplendent as the Hubble lights
a chandelier in Outer Space     Answer to Job bemoaning
the “eye that sees me     will one day
no longer behold me”
A whole epic
continues to resound there in your name

4e février AD2006


  1. with regard to “Again…”: yes; why not. appreciation.